The Heart That Heals: A Review

A Book Review of The Heart that heals by Patsy Burnett

“Lean not on my understanding because my understanding is very limited and finite. My limited, finite understanding is not reliable; I cannot rely on it. It is not trustworthy; I cannot trust it. I should not allow the way I feel to dictate what I do—my actions. I should only allow the truth to dictate my actions.”  

Patsy Burnette

It has been said that you can’t write about a subject with authority unless you have fully experienced every aspect of it.  Patsy Burnette, in The Heart That Heals, writes about brokenness and healing in such a way that you know it comes from personal experience.

The tragic death of Patsy’s sister turned her world upside down, producing many questions and a myriad of emotions.  She was set on a journey she never asked for – one of brokenness and of healing.

The Heart That Heals is a book that comes alongside you on your personal journey.  It’s a friend that guides you along the path that seems frightening at first but with each step, hope rises like a lovely fragrance through the pages.

The Heart That Heals
The Heart That Heals:  Healing our brokenness through the promises of God  by Patsy Burnette

3 Things I Love About The Heart That Heals 

If you are a fan of adult coloring pages you’ll love this aspect of the book as much as I do. At the beginning of each chapter, Patsy includes a coloring page with a scripture.  As you color you’ll have plenty of time to meditate on what the verse is trying to say to you.  And it’ll get your heart ready to receive the message of the chapter that follows.

Be sure to have your Bible, a pen and a highlighter on hand because this book isn’t just something you read.  Your interaction with what’s written is a key element to your experience.  At the close of each chapter, Patsy takes you to specific verses that are essential to the healing journey.  She asks you to choose one to write out and memorize it as a way of “hiding God’s Word in your heart”.  You’ll be asked to reflect on what you’ve read and answer questions like, “What did God teach me in this chapter?” and “What steps of faith does God want me to take now?”  You’ll also have the opportunity to write out a prayer.

The Heart That Heals also includes a handy “Notes” area on each page.  I find this so helpful because writing my reactions out in the moment on a specific page aids in recalling my experience in the future.

“The pain is never without purpose, and it never lasts forever. This is a chapter in your life—this is not the whole book!”  Patsy Burnette

I was keenly aware, as I read through the book, that great emphasis was placed on the fact that we were not made to bear our burdens alone.  Burdens are meant to be shared.  Christ invites us to lay them down at his feet and then he joins us on the journey of burden-bearing.  I was also reminded that our burden has a purpose, even if it’s only that we can identify with others who are suffering so that we can help bear their burdens as well.

The Heart That Heals is Great for Small Groups!

If you interact with other people on a daily or weekly basis, then I’m sure you know of at least a handful of women who have suffered traumas like death, abuse or betrayal.  The Heart That Heals is a great option for group study.  Each chapter is enough to chew on for a week and provides enough material to produce conversation in a group setting, with the goal of support and healing.

Here’s Why I Wanted to Review The Heart That Heals

As a blogger, I get presented with many opportunities to review books.  I don’t say “yes” to every opportunity.  Once in a while, a book comes along that intrigues me because it provides me with an opportunity to let my readers know of something really worthwhile.  The Heart That Heals is one of those worthwhile books – and one that keeps on giving.  Why?  Because it turns the reader into an encourager!

Not only will you, the reader, experience a successful healing journey, but you’ll be able to help someone on their healing journey as well.  Isn’t that what it’s all about?

If you’re still hesitant, your welcome to find out what people are saying about The Heart That Heals and even be able to read the first chapter for free!

Patsy wrote recently about how this book almost didn’t get written.  The enemy was at work!

“Our choices have consequences. The pathway we walk has a destination. I want you to make good choices so that the consequences will be good. I want your destination to be one that glorifies God. If you’re in a broken place, it may be difficult to make good choices. Is your pathway littered with the debris of brokenness? I want to help you get past all that and learn to be still, and know that He is God.” —from the Prologue

Patsy Burnette
Patsy Burnette

About the author (in her own words):

I am an above-average coffee drinker, a little bit of an introvert, and a passionate sand and sun seeker. And just in case you’re curious to know more, here are a few random facts about me:

♥ I believe life is too short to worry if your house is clean enough for company.
♥ I never say no to gluten-free cupcakes, coffee (hot or iced), or dark chocolate.
♥ I’ve been known to run marathons and pray for 26 people along the way.
♥ I’m obsessed with marketing and what makes people spend so much money at Target.
♥ I inherited a cat named Ellie who will only drink water from a dripping faucet.
♥ My guilty-pleasure food is almond butter and (you guessed it) dark chocolate.
♥ Thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail is on my bucket list. So, if you like long walks…

I’ve been a Christian since I was in the third grade.  That’s where the journey for me began.  Throughout my life God has continued to pursue me, for which I am grateful.  No doubt left to myself, I would have made a big mess of things!

I am a wife, a mother of four and a grandmother.  I love coffee and chocolate more than the average person.  I am also a digital artist and content manager over at If you haven’t visited us on social media or over at the blog, I hope you will soon.  Stop by and say hello.  I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Wow, this book sounds amazing! Adding a coloring page is such a great idea… Our burdens are meant to be placed at His feet, and we are never to shoulder them alone. Loved that reminder.

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