100+ Free Downloadable Resources for Your Spiritual Growth

For every Christian, it is essential to grow in knowledge and insight continually in order to live the life God has called us to live while still in this world.  While there are hundreds of Christian authors who’ve written books to help the believer understand the Bible better, few have been generous enough to provide free quality downloadable ebooks with no strings attached. I’d like to share with you the three trusted scholars and two gospel-centered ministries that have made my shortlist.

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The Heart That Heals: A Review

A Book Review of The Heart that heals by Patsy Burnett “Lean not on my understanding because my understanding is very limited and finite. My limited, finite understanding is not reliable; I cannot rely on it. It is not trustworthy; I cannot trust it. I should not allow the way I feel to dictate what […]

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Soul: A Review

I have read my share of devotional books over the years.  I have my favorite go-to’s that always speak to me profoundly.  Every once in a while a devotional comes across my table that just wows me.  That’s what Soul did this past week. I was sent the digital version of this brand-new devotional by […]

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6 Must-Read Christian Novels

Thanks to my mom, I’ve loved reading books my whole life.  Once I became a mother, the habit tapered off while my children were small, but now I am back at it.  I don’t remember where I heard the phrase, but it has stuck with me for years and I have found it to be true:

“Readers are leaders, and leaders are readers.”

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