The Best Christian Channels on YouTube

Top 10 Best CHRISTIAN YouTube Channels Every follower of Christ should desire quality biblically-based teaching. But, let’s face it. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between biblical truth and false teaching that masquerades as biblical truth. There’s a lot of garbage out there and many are being fooled by it. We’re told in 2 […]

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When Anger Takes Over

When Anger Rears its Ugly Head Controlling my anger is something that I’ve struggled with for years.  When I was younger, I had very little control of my emotions and would often react harshly when frustrated and I’d end up wounding those closest to me. In the aftermath, I’d be overwhelmed with shame and regret […]

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Can You Endure Until The End?

When I read about the early church in the book of Acts I am often moved by how the new believers lived.  It wasn’t a perfect church, but they were learning how to put into practice what they were taught by sharing all they had with each other according to the members’ needs. It was […]

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God Is Working for Your Good

As I held my two-week-old newborn daughter in my arms after her mid-morning feeding, I was feeling both exhausted and content.  The incision from my c-section was healing nicely but I was still quite sore. I was having pleasant thoughts about my brother-in-law’s upcoming wedding which was less than a week away.  My husband and […]

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What on Earth is God Doing?

It’s a question so many of us are asking lately.  With all that’s going on in the world these days it makes us wonder if God is really in control.  Does he really know what He’s doing? Does God really care that there’s a pandemic that is killing thousands all over the globe?  That senseless […]

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God Disciplines Those He Loves

A father sits with his young son on the edge of the bed explaining why he’s about to get a spanking.  In loving and gentle, yet firm, words he speaks about the consequences of disobedience. All the child can think about is how many times he’s going to get whacked.  But, deep inside, he knows […]

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