How to Seek Happiness in God

How to find true happiness The Song of Songs, also known as Song of Solomon, paints a beautiful and intimate portrayal of the budding marriage relationship between Solomon and his bride.  Some blush as they read through this Old Testament book.  I know I did the first time I read it as a young woman. […]

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Is God Angry With Sinners?

What makes God angry? It was a warm Summer afternoon and the congregation was settling into their wooden pews preparing for another midweek sermon.  The pastor, who was concerned that his flock had been virtually unaffected by the revival that was happening in surrounding areas, had invited another speaker to address the church in the […]

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What is the Christian’s Delight?

What does it mean to delight in the Lord? I can only think of a few things on earth that I thoroughly enjoy.  Breathtaking landscapes come to mind.  Traveling from the city to the countryside, to the mountains or to tropical places causes me to experience refreshment and renewal.  I can feel my whole body […]

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Should Christians Pursue Wealth?

What does the bible say about pursuing wealth? Obsession For the poorest of paupers, she flaunts,always the unreachable dream.For the wealthiest of kings, she dances,ruling his heart through cunning means. Many long to touch her, to hold her,and some have accomplished the task.Her embrace is intoxication,and in her essence, they long to bask. Her existence causes war […]

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The Holy Pursuit

How can i be holy? The harder I try to be holy, the more I find myself discouraged by the struggle to avoid sin. Ever felt that way? Striving for holiness is like reaching for the impossible dream, the always out of reach carrot.  We seem to be left empty-handed every time. God calls his children to […]

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The God of His Word

Does God always keep his promises? Walking in the midst of our trials, it is often difficult to believe that God will come through for us.  A mother in labor for hours, suffering from birth pains, is overwhelmed by thoughts that the ordeal will never end.  Ah, but when the moment comes – great rejoicing!  […]

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