God Disciplines Those He Loves

A father sits with his young son on the edge of the bed explaining why he’s about to get a spanking.  In loving and gentle, yet firm, words he speaks about the consequences of disobedience. All the child can think about is how many times he’s going to get whacked.  But, deep inside, he knows […]

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Loving & Serving with Integrity

Loving & Serving with Integrity by Collene Borchardt “I am not here to serve you!” I shouted at my teen in frustration. I had just dropped everything to pick him up early from practice. But upon arriving at home all that concerned him was there being “no food in the house.” We were running late […]

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Showing Compassion to the Hurting

In 2019, I was invited to write an article in a series on kindness at Healing Home.  My family and I have been reflecting on showing compassion during difficult times and I recalled the things I wrote last year.  I’m sharing it here with you in the hopes that you’ll be encouraged to show kindness […]

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The Benefits of Family Devotions

The benefits of family devotions A few months ago my husband and I, together with our two pre-teen children, started having a family devotional time during the evening several nights a week.  We recognized the importance of teaching our kids about the characteristics of God so that they would begin to embrace Him as a […]

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How to Seek Happiness in God

How to find true happiness The Song of Songs, also known as Song of Solomon, paints a beautiful and intimate portrayal of the budding marriage relationship between Solomon and his bride.  Some blush as they read through this Old Testament book.  I know I did the first time I read it as a young woman. […]

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