The Journey Begins

Forty-six years so far in this journey called LIFE.  Lot’s of dull moments, but many more moments mixed with joy and sorrow, happiness and grief, living and learning – satisfaction and regret.  I appreciate you joining me in reflecting on this journey.  My hope is that by each post that you read you will be either challenged or encouraged.  What follows is a poem I wrote a few years ago.  I think it communicates what many of us – followers of Christ – experience at one point or another along the road.

“In This Darkness”

Trying to feel as I go along
visionless, moving slowly
Not knowing just where I belong
I make my way through the darkness, poorly

Deep within, my nerves are rattled
Uncertainty is my only guide
All the while my hopes unraveled
Fear, unwelcome, by my side

Troubled, I wonder how I arrived
At such a place where no one belongs
Anxiously I try to find
Illumination to help me along

No longer trusting my instincts
I cry out in desperation
Trembling, this humble earthling
Hears a voice that is unmistaken

“You should have known all along, my child
This journey isn’t for lonely pilgrims
I’ve known the way all the while
But, stubbornly, you chose confusion

“In the beginning, as a child, you trusted
But, in your desire for independence
You let go of my hand, excited
Wide-eyed, viewing a world without limits

“Now you find yourself in this darkness
Lonely and fearing the worst
But, I, in love and patience
Offer you the guidance you knew at first

“Will you trust me this time, little one?
My promises have never changed
You will always be my forgiven one
From beginning to end, unstained”

Summer Cordon

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton



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18 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. You’re right when you said we all go through these feelings at one time or another. I know i have. Its so good to know that at the end of the day we have a Patient God who waits in love and grace for us. Who never leaves us or forsakes us. Whos hand is always extended towards us and is always ready to grab us and walk this thing called life with him… Great poem Summer.

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  2. No sabia que tienes este talento! Lindo poema! y tienes razon en algun momento de nuestras vidas hay oscuridad pero grande es la fidelidad y misericordia de Dios que no nos ha dejado ni desamparado!! Bendiciones 🙂

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